My goal is to help clients create a clear intention to improve their health and give them the best information, tools, and support they need to achieve it. We create inspiring, challenging, yet achievable goals together in the areas of diet, activity, and lifestyle.

My specialties:

Weight management for adults and children

Fertility and healthy pregnancies

Post-partum recovery

Healthy, low-stress meals at home and on-the-go

Children’s food allergies and sensitivities

Picky eaters

Family nutrition

Better moods and increased energy

Here are examples of how I’ve helped my clients:

Names are changed to protect client’s confidentiality

Client Story: Family Nutrition and Healthy Pregnancy

Constance initially contacted me to make sure she was feeding her 2-year old son and herself a good diet. She had miscarried twice prior to her conception and had gained almost 60 pounds during pregnancy. Constance and I worked together over several months to make sure she had a pantry stocked with healthy foods that her family enjoyed. I also provided tips and recipes for easy-to-prepare meals that she put into action. Over time, her intention shifted to preparing her body for a healthy second pregnancy and delivery  – and it was! She experienced normal weight gain and less nausea.

Client Story: Children’s Food Allergies and Slow Weight Gain

A worried mom called me after her pediatrician said that her daughter, Ceci, wasn’t gaining enough weight. She had several food allergies and Ceci’s parents were having a hard time figuring out what foods she should be eating.

I met with Ceci’s family in their home where I could see their kitchen and dining area. This helped me make suggestions about how to create a better environment during mealtimes. We also looked at the supplements she took, and the foods she ate and how they were prepared. I was able to recommend many foods that were nutritionally- and calorically-dense to add to her diet. I also recommended reducing or eliminating some. This 2-hour visit was followed by an email with additional recommendations and a 15-minute phone-call one week later. This gave the family time to try many of the recommendations.  At her check-up 2 months later, Ceci had gained weight and her pediatrician and her parents were very pleased with the results.

Client Story: Post-Partum Weight Loss

Terry came to me because she was having trouble losing the last 15-20 lbs she had gained with the pregnancy of her first child. She was exercising and trying to eat well but she needed additional support.

We found foods that gave Terry more energy and helped her lose weight. We also used visualizations to keep her focused on her intention to be a healthier size. We met four times over a 2-month period. At each consultation, we reviewed her commitments and set new ones. These were extremely personalized and relevant to Terry’s life. She began cooking more, exercising smarter, and sleeping better.  At our third meeting, she reported that she had an enormous amount of energy and that her clothes were much looser.  She plans to continue to check in with me for support once every 2 weeks until she meets her goal.

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