Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum

It was through my own experience that I first learned the powerful role a healthy diet plays in conceiving a child. After making changes to my own diet and lifestyle, I was able to conceive naturally, having once believed that this would only be possible through medical assistance.

Now, I help other women make the necessary changes required to prepare their bodies for conception. I teach them which foods help regulate insulin levels and create the best hormonal conditions in the body.

Pregnant clients learn which foods to eat for the healthiest, most comfortable pregnancy. A baby in the womb takes in nutrients it needs, often at the mother’s expense. I help pregnant women replenish these nutrients and find foods that give them lasting energy. We also address issues such as nausea, digestive issues, and other symptoms that might arise.

In the postpartum phase, I help women give their bodies what they need to recover and to produce great-quality breast milk. This phase might also include tips for making wise food choices that lead to weight loss, and advice on family meal planning. Children offer us the opportunity to reflect on our own diet and relationship to food, and transform that into something that we want to pass on to them.

At every stage, we create a plan together for implementing these dietary and lifestyle changes. I offer support with recipes, tips for shopping, and easy meal preparation.


VW Nutrition Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Program

    • 1.5-hour Health Intake Session
    • Three 1-hour follow-up sessions. These vary and are focused on areas particular to the client’s health and commitments.
    • On-going support through phone calls and emails, as needed
    • A variety of tools including recipes, shopping, and cooking tips

My goal is to help clients create a clear intention to improve their health and give them the best information, tools, and support they need to achieve it. We develop commitments in the areas of diet, activity, and lifestyle.

All clients use a Food and Activity Journal for at least three days prior to the first meeting to make connections between foods they eat and how they affect their energy, moods, sleep, and digestion.

For the first consultation, I meet most clients in their home. This gives me a window into how they stock their pantry and where they cook and eat. They provide me with a completed Health Intake Questionnaire and Food and Activity Journal. As I learn more about the client, we clarify their intention of how to accomplish better health through good nutrition.

The initial session is followed by three follow-up sessions. These sessions last 60 minutes. At these sessions we review past commitments and create new ones. We discuss successes and obstacles and I provide well-researched information specific to helping that client reach their goals. Topics and handouts at these sessions might include:

    • Breakfast recommendations
    • Snack recommendations
    • Visualizations
    • How to stock your pantry
    • Freezing tips
    • How to eat out at restaurants

The total cost of the VW Nutrition Wellness Program is $450.

For clients who desire on-going support beyond these packages, each 60-minute session costs $85.

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Meal Planning for Busy People – Great for couples!

I highly recommend this session for clients who aren’t in the habit of preparing meals for themselves or for their families.

We map out several breakfasts, lunches, and dinners based primarily on what you already know how to cook. I make recommendations on how to improve the nutrition, taste and ease of preparation. I also provide additional recipes. You leave with a list of go-to meals. Clients must complete a worksheet prior to meeting. I provide an electronic template of meals- for easy changes and rotation -following the meeting. This session lasts 90-minutes in-person and costs $255.

Removing Obstacles and Keeping on Track – Phone Consultations!

I offer on-going support, accountability, and the information you need to achieve your goals over the phone. We check-in three times to discuss what’s working and what’s not. This program can be renewed as needed and is preceded by the VW Nutrition Wellness Program. The three sessions lasts up to thirty minutes each and the total cost is $125.