Nutrition Workshop for Calm & Energy

How do we take time to nourish ourselves in a world that rewards being busy all the time?

  • 3 Essential Nutrition Tips for Recovery from Active/Flow Yoga or Exercise
  • Mindful Eating Exercise to Increase Satiety and Enjoyment of Food
  • Personalized Meal Schedule for Improved Mood and Lasting Energy
  • 6 Booster Foods that Improve Digestion and Immune Response
  • “Show-and-Tell Bag” of Recommended Foods
  • Easy and Delicious Recipes

Includes a tasting of several delicious, mood-stabilizing foods

Saturday, June 7, 1:30-3:30pm

Left Coast Power Yoga, 3702 Grand Avenue, Oakland

$45 per person

Yogis, runners, cyclists, and other athletes are welcome to attend!

Join Nutrition Educator Virginia Watkins to gain the information and tools you need to become newly inspired around your health and food.

“I would highly recommend Virginia to anyone looking to learn more about healthy eating and feeling good in their body. It’s a priceless investment.” – Rebekah H., Oakland, CA

To sign up, please email