“what i love about working with virginia is that she can help you at every stage of family life: from pregnancy (enhancing maternal nutrition and even nausea support!), to delivery (optimum diet for good breast milk while working on weight loss), to feeding little ones (tips for picky eating, organization tips for planning good family meals even on busy days), to deepening your food knowledge (cooking classes, cookbook recommendations, grocery store tours).  in addition, virginia is easy to work with and you learn so much in a short amount of time. i would highly recommend virginia to anyone looking to learn more about healthy eating and feeling good in their body. it’s a priceless investment.” – Rebekah H., Oakland, CA

“We sought Virginia for help with our one year old.  She liked eating but has a few food allergies, so the pediatrician thought it would be best to see a nutritionist.  We really loved that Virginia came to our house for our meeting, because it allowed her to observe our child and her eating habits.  Virginia had great suggestions on making sure our baby had a well-rounded diet despite her food allergies, and her comforting manner put us at ease.  Our child loves the new foods we added and is happily gaining weight!  We would highly recommend her!” – Stacey F., San Ramon, CA

My friends and I LOVE Virginia’s private in-home healthy cooking classes.  They are tailor-designed to teach us to cook easy, healthy, delicious meals that take into consideration our own tastes and diet goals.  They take place in one of our own kitchens at home which demonstrates that you don’t need a professional test kitchen to create great meals.  We’ve done a class with Virginia each season for the past several years, allowing us to take advantage of the freshest ingredients and seasonal produce, and to learn to cook with foods that we’re not as familiar with.  We love going to the store with Virginia and learning how to select the best produce, as well as being introduced to new vegetables, cooking oils, meats, and other products that are both delicious and have high nutritional value.  We have a great time cooking, and the class ends when we sit down together to enjoy what we’ve made.  She has recently created menus that are gluten and dairy free at the request of some of our friends, and we didn’t even notice that the menu was designed to cater to those needs.  We always look forward to the next season’s class! – Laurie F., Oakland, CA